About Acharya Jewellers

“Acharya Jewellers” – the pioneer in designing and crafting of diamond jewellery since 1946, is now introducing premium quality Diamond Jewellery boutique in Coimbatore, exclusively designed for ceremonial and casual use. Each product is handcrafted to a standard of perfection. We help your moments become lifetime memories.



Our objective is to become one of the leading diamond jewellery boutique.


We believe in providing our valued customers the best which they deserve and thus our ornaments are IGI and BIS Certified.


To delight the customers by offering premium quality diamonds at an affordable price.

Integrated Production

Right from the sourcing of raw materials to the sale of the certified jewellery, our processes are integrated and aligned. Throughout the entire process, necessary measures are taken to ensure the quality, purity, exclusivity of our diamond jewellery.

Customized Designs

We understand our customer’s preferences and manufacture ornaments accordingly. Our expertise extends to the delivery of customized and personalized designs helping the customer to choose and design their perfect piece of statement jewellery.